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Personalized Care: Unveiling HCBS Rule Number 5 – Empowering Choice

Rule 5 extends beyond service selection; it champions the right of individuals to choose not only the services they receive but also who provide those services and the environment in which they receive care. At Valley Achievement Center, honoring this rule means recognizing that individuals have agency in deciding their support staff and their social circle within our community.


Putting into Practice:

  1. Choice of Support Personnel: Upholding Rule 5 means respecting an individual’s right to select the staff who provide their care. This might involve considering compatibility, communication styles, and personal rapport. Encouraging individuals to voice their preferences fosters a supportive environment built on mutual trust and respect.
  2. Social Environment: Recognizing that social connections are integral to well-being, Rule 5 advocates for individuals’ right to choose their social interactions within the community. At Valley Achievement Center, we value and facilitate these choices, fostering an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere where individuals can form meaningful connections.
  3. Flexible Program Customization: Embracing Rule 5 also translates into offering flexible service structures. Individuals should not feel restricted to a singular program. Instead, they have the liberty to explore various programs within Valley Achievement Center, allowing them to tailor their experiences to suit their evolving needs and interests.

Valley Achievement Center stands committed to providing an environment where individuals not only have the freedom to choose their services but also to select their support network and shape their social interactions. Our approach encourages exploration and experimentation within our diverse range of programs, ensuring that each individual’s journey is uniquely theirs.

By championing these aspects of Rule 5, we promote a culture of inclusivity and empowerment, where individual choices are respected and celebrated.

Kurtis Parker

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