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Empowering Choice: Exploring HCBS Rule Number 2 – Setting Options

HCBS Rule Number 2 emphasizes that individuals receiving these services have the right to choose where they receive them. This includes various options, such as receiving care in non-disability-specific settings (like typical community environments) or even opting for a private unit within a residential setting.

The rule highlights the importance of respecting individual preferences and autonomy when selecting the environment in which they receive care. Whether it’s a private unit within a residential setting, living in the community, or accessing services in a non-disability-specific environment, the emphasis is on empowering individuals to make informed choices that suit their needs and preferences.

Providers offering HCBS must ensure they offer a range of settings and options, facilitating discussions with individuals to understand their preferences and help them make choices aligned with their desired living arrangements while receiving necessary care and support.



Adhering to HCBS Rule Number 2: A Path to Empowerment and Choice

As service providers dedicated to offering person-centered care, Valley Achievement Center places paramount importance on adhering to HCBS Rule Number 2. Our approach is deeply rooted in empowering individuals and ensuring their well-being through informed choices and support. Here are actionable steps, guided by our commitment, that can assist service providers in aligning their services with this crucial guideline:

Promote Informed Decision-Making: At Valley Achievement Center, we actively foster open discussions about available service settings. Our commitment to providing comprehensive information about diverse options ensures individuals make informed decisions that align with their preferences and needs.

Facilitate Choice: We actively involve individuals in selecting their preferred settings, including options like non-disability-specific environments or private units within residential settings. Respecting and fulfilling these choices to the best of our ability is at the core of our service provision.

Person-Centered Planning: We prioritize person-centered planning sessions where individuals express their desires, interests, and goals, steering the direction of their program participation. This collaborative approach ensures that their preferences drive our service provision.

Flexibility in Service Delivery: At Valley Achievement Center, we offer flexibility in service delivery to accommodate diverse needs and preferences. Adaptable scheduling, participation options, and customized support plans tailored to individual choices are key aspects of our approach.

Creating a Supportive Environment: Our environment fosters community integration and inclusion, encouraging individuals to actively participate and feel a sense of belonging. Activities and engagements align with their chosen settings, promoting well-being and engagement.

Documentation and Compliance: Meticulous documentation of individual preferences within the Individualized Service Plan (ISP) or Individual Program Plan (IPP) is fundamental to our approach. Regular reviews and updates ensure an accurate reflection of evolving preferences.

Staff Training and Awareness: We prioritize comprehensive training on the significance of individual choice and the implementation of Rule Number 2. Every team member at Valley Achievement Center understands the importance of respecting individual preferences in our service delivery.

Continuous Evaluation and Improvement: Feedback mechanisms help us regularly assess the effectiveness of our services in meeting individuals’ choices and preferences. This ongoing evaluation enables us to enhance our service provision continually.

Collaborative Decision-Making: Our practice involves engaging individuals, their support networks, and our service team in collaborative decision-making processes. This inclusive approach ensures that choices are informed and reflective of individual preferences.

Advocacy and Empowerment: Valley Achievement Center advocates for policies upholding individual rights to choose their service settings. We empower individuals to assert their preferences and rights within our programs.

By implementing these practices, service providers can create environments where individual autonomy is respected, choices are honored, and well-being is prioritized in alignment with the core principles of HCBS Rule Number 2.


Join Us in Celebrating Personal Choice

As we uncover the layers of HCBS rules, we invite you to join us in celebrating the power of personal choice. Let’s amplify the voices of individuals, acknowledging and respecting their preferences in selecting settings that truly resonate with their aspirations.

At Valley Achievement Center, we believe that empowering choice isn’t just a rule—it’s a profound affirmation of individuality and respect.

Kurtis Parker

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